Polk Audio Reserve R100 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

Premium Hi-Fidelity Bookshelf Speaker
  • Frequency Response : 58Hz – 39kHz (+/- 3dB)
  • Sensitivity : 86dB (2.83V @ 1m)
  • Recommended Amplifer : 30 – 120W
  • Crossover Srequency : 2700 Hz
  • Nominal Impedance : 3.6 Ohms
  • High Frequency Driver : 1” Pinnacle Ring Radiator
  • Low Frequency Driver : 5.25” Turbine Cone



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Features & Compatibility

Legendary Sound, Approachable Price.

Pinnacle Ring Radiator Tweeter - The tweeter's distinctive pointed shape guides the dispersion of high frequency sounds around a room. This innovation widens the sweet spot and allows you freedom to enjoy your music and movies wherever you choose to sit.

Turbine Cone Woofer - Our pioneering turbine design delivers a significant increase in cone rigidity without increasing mass. This innovation means the woofer can move with increased accuracy and speed to deliver enhanced sound resolution, enabling you to experience a breathtaking level of detail in your music and movies.

Patent X-Port - The Polk X-Port is a set of closed-pipe absorbers that are tuned to the internal frequency of the cabinet. This cancels out traditional resonances and distortions that you may get in the speaker’s construction.

PERFECT FOR ANY ROOM - From your cozy living room to your home office, these speakers fit effortlessly into any environment, providing premium sound quality wherever you need it.

Power Port 2.0 - The new, carefully engineered design of Power Port 2.0 synergizes with the new, patented X-Port to provide smooth, effortless, distortion-free bass without any chuffing.

Column Resonance Control - Unique cabinet bracing provides clear, open and uncolored bass and mid-range, faithfully reproducing the most demanding music and movie soundtracks.

Additional information

Weight 12.9 kg
Dimensions 25.95 × 16.6 × 32.4 cm

Polk Audio


Under 1,00,000


Black, Brown, White

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