Jamo S7 25C Center Speaker

Hi-Fidelity Center Channel Speaker
  • Frequency Response : 82 Hz – 21 kHz (+/- 3dB)
  • Sensitivity : 90.2 dB @ 2.83 V/1 m
  • Power Handling (Cont) : 100w
  • Nominal Impedance : 4 Ohms
  • High Frequency Driver : 1’’/2.54 cm Vented tweeter with a fabric dome
  • Low Frequency Driver : Dual 5.5’’ / 14 cm woofers Embossed paper cone with Thor’s Hammer


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Features & Compatibility

NATURAL BASS : The bass drivers feature embossed paper cones, high strength motor assemblies incorporating aluminium inductance shorting rings that both enhance power handling and lower distortion. The aluminium shorting ring lowers distortion for clean, dynamic bass and increases power handling as the aluminium ring acts as a heat sink. The embossed paper cone with « Thor’s Hammer » detailing increases the rigidity to improve the transient response for that snappy yet natural bass.

REDUCING DIFFRACTION : When a speaker driver produces sound, some energy is spread across the baffle of the speaker towards the edge of the cabinet. If that energy hits a hard cabinet edge, a smaller version of this energy is reflected back towards the driver causing a time shifted, low level signal that can corrupt the sound of the driver leading to distortion. By rounding the cabinet edge, this energy gently dissipates more naturally, and does not colour the signal being produced by the driver.

2 COLOURS – INSPIRED BY NORDICS NATURE :Our colours have been chosen from the chromatic palette of Scandinavian landscapes: the dark blue is inspired by the Norwegian fjords and the grey cloud from the fog hanging over a Finnish forest. Our signature blue fjord brings an emotional touch to your interior whilst Grey cloud integrates seamlessly into the modern home. The Jamo Studio7 will enhance your living space no matter which colour you choose.

STUDIO7 IS ALL ABOUT HYGGE : Hygge - « To create a warm atmosphere and enjoy the good things in life with family and friends. » So, seat comfortably, relax and enjoy a sound as pure as Scandinavian air.

Additional information

Weight 7.85 kg
Dimensions 23 × 54 × 18 cm



Under 1,00,000


Blue, Grey

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